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Cineplex Media Central Sales Office


102 Atlantic Ave.,
Toronto ON M6K 1X9


416 539 8800


416 539 8511

Note to Guests

Cineplex Media is an advertising sales and production office only; for customer service or guest concerns, please call 1-800-333-0061 and email or for other inquiries call 416-323-6600 and press 0.


Salah Bachir ext. 222


Robert Brown ext. 232

Vice President

Sheila Gregory ext. 228

Vice President, Media Production

Cathy Prowse ext. 223

Director, Media Operations

Niall Mulholland ext. 241

Director, Media Marketing

Cineplex Magazines

Marni Weisz ext. 225

Editor, Cineplex Magazine

Mathieu Chantelois ext. 230

Editor, Le magazine Cineplex



Phone: (416) 539-8800

Lori Legault ext. 242

Senior Vice President, Sales

John Tsirlis ext. 237

Vice President, Sales

Giulio Fazzolari ext. 254

Executive Director, Sales

Cory Atkins ext. 257

Senior Account Director

Jason Bauer ext. 233

Account Manager

Margo Bock ext. 374

Senior Account Manager

Kati Bradshaw ext. 251

Account Manager

Brendan Devine ext. 280

Account Manager

Lesley Gormley ext. 266

Account Manager

Laurel Legate ext. 267

Account Manager

Beth Leverty ext. 349

Account Manager

Zandra MacInnis ext. 281

Account Manager

Heather Marshall ext. 368

Account Manager

Brett Poschmann ext. 353

Account Manager

Tanya Stevens ext. 271

Account Manager

Ed Villa ext. 239

Senior Account Director

Jennifer Wishart ext. 269

Account Manager

Sales support

Diana Gileno ext. 229

Director, Sales Support

Christina Clark ext. 278

Supervisor, Sales Support

Ben Law ext. 244

Ad Operations Specialist, Online

John.Mose ext. 282

Ad Operations Specialist, Online


352 rue Emery, bureau 500

Montreal, QC, H2X 1J1

Phone: (514) 868-0005

Fax: (514) 868-0006

George Goulakos ext. 225

Sales Director, Eastern Canada

Louisa Di Tullio ext. 222

Director of Sales, Quebec

Dave Cameron ext. 224

Account Manager, Quebec

Nynon Lachance ext.223

Sales Coordinator

Western Canada

British Columbia

Matt Watson

Account Manager

Phone (604) 689-3068

Fax (604) 689-7345


Kevin Leahy

Senior Account Director

Phone (403) 264-4420 ext. 119

Fax (403) 264-4291


Morgan Comrie

Account Manager

Phone (204) 396-3044


Nicole Beaudin

Account Manager

Phone (613) 440-1358

Atlantic Canada

Dean Leland

Vice President, Media, Atlantic Canada

Phone (902) 876-4844

Fax (902) 876-4849

Christa Harrie

Account Manager

Phone (902) 404-8124

Fax (902) 404-8123