Your ad on the big screen.

Imagine your brand up on the big screen as guests settle in to enjoy their movie night. A combination of well-placed ads and exclusive content that ranges from behind-the-scenes interviews with movie stars to one-on-one chats with Canadian musicians to trivia and home entertainment news, the Pre-Show provides an efficient and effective way to be on the big screen.

Canadian Cinema Pre-Show Equals Ad Effectiveness


Advertising awareness


Correct brand association



Cinema Advertising Impact Study 2010 - 2014 + 2016 Strategic Marketing Council (SMC)

Target Lovers Of Luxury With VIP

Our Cineplex VIP Cinemas off guests an intimate an sophisticated night out with luxurious reserved seats, great food and exceptional service.

With only the Pre-Show and limited Show-Time ads available in these exclusive theatres your message truly stands out and reaches a highly targetedm affluent adult audience.

From experiential campaigns like wine tastings and special nights to more traditional advertising, the VIP experience not only caters to our guests, but our valued advertising partners as well.

Create Custom Content!

Move beyond a simple ad with custom content! Cineplex Media is happy to work with you to create content that integrates your product into the entertainment experience. Whether it's a specially scripted segment in the Pre-Show, a skinned microsite, Cineplex Magazine advertorial or a trivia quiz in Cineplex TimePlay - all of which can be supported via our social channels - Cineplex's in-house production studio will see your project through from concept to final edit.