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Cineplex Magazine is the most popular entertainment magazine in Canada! With 4.1 million readers per issue, it's also Canada's #1 magazine with readers age 14 to 54! Why the big numbers? Cineplex Magazine features exclusive interviews with many of Hollywood's biggest stars, beautiful photos, behind-the-scenes movies scoops and movie release schedules. Readers can pick it up in theatre lobbies or get it in their Globe and Mail.

The Most Read Magazine in Canada for Readers Under 55


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Several times each year, a portion of Cineplex Magazine is given over to a special, timely section. Designed to pique consumer interest and help our advertisers reach their consumers in relevant and engaging ways, these editorial sections deliver the goods.

May: Summer Movie Guide

August/September: Back to School

October/November: Holiday Movie Guide

December: Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Cineplex Magazine Production Schedule

  • Month
    Book By
    Artwork Due
    In Theatres
  • Month December (2018)
    Book By October 29
    Artwork Due October 31
    In Theatres November 21
  • Month January/February
    Book By December 4
    Artwork Due December 6
    In Theatres January 7
  • Month March/April
    Book By February 11
    Artwork Due February 13
    In Theatres March 7
  • Month May
    Book By April 1
    Artwork Due April 3
    In Theatres April 30
  • Month June
    Book By May 2
    Artwork Due May 6
    In Theatres May 30
  • Month July
    Book By June 3
    Artwork Due June 5
    In Theatres June 26
  • Month August/September
    Book By July 4
    Artwork Due July 8
    In Theatres July 31
  • Month October/November
    Book By September 4
    Artwork Due September 6
    In Theatres September 30
  • Month December
    Book By November 4
    Artwork Due November 6
    In Theatres November 27