Cineplex Magazine

Everybody's Reading It

Cineplex Magazine is, by far, the most popular entertainment magazine in Canada!

Being the second most popular magazine in Canada overall. With 4 million readers per issue, it's also Canada's #1 magazine with readers age 12 to 54!

Editoral Calendar

Several times each year, a portion of Cineplex Magazine is given over to a special, timely section. Designed to pique consumer interest and help our advertisers reach their consumers in relevant and engaging ways, these editorial sections deliver the goods.

2018 Cineplex Magazine Production Schedule

  • Month
    Book By
    Artwork Due
    In Theatres
  • Month January
    Book By November 29
    Artwork Due December 1
    In Theatres December 29
  • Month February
    Book By January 4
    Artwork Due January 8
    In Theatres January 31
  • Month March/April
    Book By February 6
    Artwork Due February 8
    In Theatres March 8
  • Month May
    Book By March 27
    Artwork Due March 29
    In Theatres April 23
  • Month June
    Book By April 30
    Artwork Due May 2
    In Theatres May 23
  • Month July
    Book By May 28
    Artwork Due May 30
    In Theatres June 20
  • Month August
    Book By June 25
    Artwork Due June 27
    In Theatres July 18
  • Month September
    Book By July 25
    Artwork Due July 27
    In Theatres August 20
  • Month October
    Book By August 23
    Artwork Due August 27
    In Theatres September 19
  • Month November
    Book By September 27
    Artwork Due October 1
    In Theatres October 24
  • Month December
    Book By October 29
    Artwork Due October 31
    In Theatres November 21
  • Month January (2019)
    Book By December 4
    Artwork Due December 6
    In Theatres January 7