Digital Cinema Lobby

Larger than life and located in the highest-traffic areas, big, bold digital signage dominates our theatre lobbies. When our screens change colour, the entire lobby changes colour. They’re hard to miss!

Activities in Cinema Lobby




Buying or picking up tickets


Able to recall digital signage or screen

i. Source: Cinema Show-Time Ad Impact Study, English Canada, 2018-2020 March, Based on people who spent time in the lobby

Digital Posters

photo showing several digital posters in a Cineplex lobby

Our 84" Digital Posters are dynamic screens that display full-motion ads in bright, impactful HD quality. The five-minute loop keeps the content fresh and timely, ensuring as many eyes as possible see your ad, whether it runs from coast to coast or in a local execution.

Booked on a daily basis. Creative due date: 7 days prior to campaign start date

Digital Lobby Screens

photo showing digital lobby screens above a Cineplex concession

Our network of in-lobby digital signage surrounds guests with movie content and ads running in a 10-minute loop on screens placed at all angles throughout the lobby to ensure maximum visibility.