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The ultimate monthly complement to the movie-going experience, Cineplex Magazine keeps Canadian moviegoers up to speed on film news from Hollywood and around the world. Exclusive content includes interviews with A-list celebrities, casting news, set visits, red-carpet fashions and showbiz updates.

More than 750,000 copies are distributed in-theatre and via The Globe and Mail each month, garnering a readership of 2.7 million. Truly coast to coast, Cineplex Magazine lets clients gain access to the entertainment world and engage their consumers. Clients can also work with Cineplex Magazine to develop exclusive branded content and take part in targeted, regional editions not found with other entertainment titles.


Source: PMB Spring 2013


Source: PMB Spring 2013

Circulation: 750,000

  •   British Columbia
  •   Alberta
  •   Saskatchewan
  •   Manitoba
  •   Ontario (Balance)
  •   GTA
  •   Quebec
  •   Atlantic

Includes The Globe And Mail distribution, August CCAB 2013

2014 Production Schedule

  • Month
    In Theatre Date
  • Month January
    In Theatre Date Dec 24, 2013
    Space Dec 2, 2013
    Material Dec 4, 2013
  • Month February
    In Theatre Date Feb 14, 2014
    Space Jan 20, 2014
    Material Jan 22, 2014
  • Month March
    In Theatre Date Mar 7, 2014
    Space Feb 10, 2014
    Material Feb 12, 2014
  • Month April
    In Theatre Date Apr 2, 2014
    Space Mar 7, 2014
    Material Mar 11, 2014
  • Month May
    In Theatre Date May 1, 2014
    Space Apr 3, 2014
    Material Apr 7, 2014
  • Month June
    In Theatre Date May 28, 2014
    Space Apr 30, 2014
    Material May 2, 2014
  • Month July
    In Theatre Date June 23, 2014
    Space May 27, 2014
    Material May 29, 2014
  • Month August
    In Theatre Date July 23, 2014
    Space June 26, 2014
    Material June 30, 2014
  • Month September
    In Theatre Date Aug 25, 3014
    Space July 28, 2014
    Material July 30, 2014
  • Month October
    In Theatre Date Sept 22, 2014
    Space Aug 25, 2014
    Material Aug 27, 2014
  • Month November
    In Theatre Date Oct 27, 2014
    Space Sept 29, 2014
    Material Oct 1, 2014
  • Month December
    In Theatre Date Nov 21, 2014
    Space Oct 27, 2014
    Material Oct 29, 2014
  • Month January
    In Theatre Date Dec 19, 2014
    Space Nov 24, 2014
    Material Nov 26, 2014

Cineplex Magazine Rates

    National 1x
    National 4x
    Ontario 1x*
    Ontario 4x*
    GTA 1x*
    GTA 4x*
    Atlantic 1x*
    Halifax 1x*
  •   Full Page
    National 1x $28,750
    National 4x $25,875
    Ontario 1x* $14,000
    Ontario 4x* $10,000
    GTA 1x* $7,500
    GTA 4x* $6,000
    Atlantic 1x* $2,810
    Halifax 1x* $1,000
  •   2/3 Page
    National 1x $24,725
    National 4x $22,253
    Ontario 1x* $12,000
    Ontario 4x* $8,000
    GTA 1x* $6,000
    GTA 4x* $4,500
    Atlantic 1x* $2,410
    Halifax 1x* $800
  •   1/2 Page
    National 1x $18,860
    National 4x $16,974
    Ontario 1x* $10,000
    Ontario 4x* $7,000
    GTA 1x* $5,000
    GTA 4x* $3,500
    Atlantic 1x* $1,820
    Halifax 1x* $667
  •   1/3 Page
    National 1x $13,225
    National 4x $11,903
    Ontario 1x* $8,000
    Ontario 4x* $6,000
    GTA 1x* $4,000
    GTA 4x* $2,500
    Atlantic 1x* $1,288
    Halifax 1x* $533
  •   1/4 Page
    National 1x $8,855
    National 4x $7,970
    Ontario 1x* $7,000
    Ontario 4x* $5,000
    GTA 1x* $3,000
    GTA 4x* $1,500
    Atlantic 1x* $840
    Halifax 1x* $400

* Plus $720 Plate Change Fee

Catching Fire

In Every Issue

Spotlight Canada:

Monthly interview with a Canadian actor or director

In Theatres:

The month’s full slate of new releases, with detailed synopses

Interviews & Features:

Up close and personal with the world’s biggest stars


Candid celebrity shots from around the globe

Casting Call:

Our insider’s look at the projects the stars have brewing

At Home:

The month’s most anticipated DVDs, Blu-rays and games

In Brief:

Short movie-world updates and entertainment news

All Dressed Up:

Celebrities show off their red-carpet looks

Editorial Calendar

About six times per year, a portion of Cineplex Magazine is given over to a special, timely section. Designed to pique consumer interest and help our advertisers reach their consumers in relevant and engaging ways, these editorial sections deliver the goods.


Academy Awards

Associate your clients and brands with the biggest night in Hollywood. Glam, glitz and golden statues honour the best the movie industry has to offer.


Spring Fashions

See the latest and greatest runway trends. Nothing mixes better than stars and fashion and Cineplex Magazine highlights the hottest trends.

Trend Spotting


Summer Movie Preview

An inside look at the biggest movie season of the year. It may be hot outside, but that doesn’t compare to the action on screen.


Back to School

Few look forward to the trip back to school, but Cineplex Magazine eases students’ stress with a guide to the coolest must-have gear.


Fall Fashions & Holiday Movie Preview

Two for one! We’re back with the hottest fashions for the chillier seasons. Plus, a sneak peek at the big movies hitting theatres in the busy November and December holiday season.


Holiday Gift Guides

One of the biggest seasons at the box office is also one of the biggest gift-giving seasons! Cineplex Magazine showcases the newest products so our readers are the stars when the gifts are handed out.

Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guides

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