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Not only does rank #1 for unique visitors against top Canadian entertainment sites, it crushes all the television websites as well. In fact, delivers 75% more unique visitors than the nearest Canadian television website and more overall unique visitors than the #2 and #3 sites combined! is the source for all things movies in Canada. From theatre listings to show times to the latest and greatest trailers, users spend a lot of time with us and our advertisers reap the benefits of those 4.2 million average monthly visits. Beyond movies, offers users exclusive editorial content and ticketing for both movies and special events.

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  • Advanced rich media features (in-ad streaming, pre-roll, 3rd party ad serving support such as EyeBlaster, EyeReturn, etc.)
  • Geo-targeting and campaign delivery supported by DART

Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada Standards

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Source: comScore Jan-Aug 2013

  • 1.9 Million

    Average Monthly Uniques

    4.2 Million

    Average Monthly Visits

    27 Million

    Average Monthly Uniques

    18 Million

    Minutes Cumed Average Monthly Time Spent

Source: comScore Jan-Aug 2013


Source: comScore Jan-Aug 2013

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      970x90 / 728x90
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  • Standard Ad Sizes Voken
  • Standard Ad Sizes Takeover
      LB, BB, Wallpaper
  • Standard Ad Sizes Video Advertising
      :15 second clickable video
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      Online Ticketing

So Many Ad Options To Choose From:


Ad units that stay at the bottom of the screen as content is scrolled.


Ad units can be targeted by province, city, theatre or site section.

Online Ticketing Ad Placement

Ads can be incorporated into movie tickets purchased online.

Contests & Promotions

Visitors are avid contest fans, particularly when those contests are in sync with movie and celebrity content.

Content Sponsorships

Sponsorship or domination of special content and microsites.

Cineplex Newsletters

Reach more than 319,000 subscribers.


Pre/Post-Roll, Domination


It’s What Moviegoers Want

Until moviegoers are seated in theatres, the closest they get to what they really want — the movie — is trailers, and has them. Ensure your client or brand gets top billing alongside trailers for the blockbusters people want to see. Nationally or geo-targeted, Pre- and Post-Roll have become perfectly acceptable ways for advertisers to communicate with consumers. Specific titles or genres ensure your message gets to the right target in the right markets.



Surround the Content Moviegoers Want Skins allow advertisers to surround the important movie and theatre information moviegoers seek before heading to our theatres. From the latest Hollywood releases to theatre times to trailers, your brand provides the dominant, bold and beautiful background on which the page lies. The unique format allows you to present your brand message in a way that stands out from traditional digital ad space and complements the rest of your buy. As the moviegoer scrolls down the page for more information, you continue with them allowing for unique “reveal” executions or extended messaging.

Surround our content – surround your consumer.



Dominate in Style

In order to build awareness and encourage consumers to try the new Interac Online service, Cineplex Media developed a digitally integrated campaign around one of the biggest movies of the year, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Interac Online ran ads on theatre pages, executed page dominations and ran Pre-Roll, all surrounding The Hobbit, its movie page, microsite and ticketing pages, with the “Buy Your Movie Tickets With Interac Online” messaging.

It was a breakthrough campaign that utilized the functionality of the Interac Online program to purchase movie tickets and delivered more than 4.7 million impressions across 26 different ad units and pieces of creative.

The Hobbit

Complement your buy from Ontario-West with the addition of The official site for Landmark Cinemas’ extensive theatre chain (spanning Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, B.C. and the Yukon) houses show times, trailers and theatre info.

  • January-August 2013
  • January-August 2013  
      Average (000)
  • January-August 2013 Total Unique Visitors:
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      728 x 90 (target size: 50kb)
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      2000 x 1200 (target size: 380kb)

Source: comScore Jan-Aug 2013

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