Available in 44 of our theatres from coast to coast, Cineplex's Interactive Media Zone (IMZ) offers a wide range of ways for clients to engage with our guests in theatre lobbies.

Screens utilize touch and motion, full audio play and record, video, and can connect with guests' mobile devices and link to their social networks.

And we capture all!

Metrics from the IMZ include impressions, awareness, attention time, dwell time, male/female and age demographics, as well as the number of started and completed interactions. We'll work with you to develop a custom reporting structure and timeline.

Choose to run existing creative on the massive 84" side screens or 112" centre screen, provide sponsored games and trivia, or work with us to create a one-of-a-kind experience that invites guests to interact with your brand.

Top Popper Challenge

As kernels of popcorn, along with obstacles like cell phones and 3D glasses, fall from the top of the screen, guests have to tap the popcorn to earn points and become champion!

Kubo and the Two Strings Experience

July 29 - September 1, 2016

Summary and Objectives

Cineplex's Interactive Media Zones were used to execute an awareness campaign for eOne's film Kubo and the Two Strings. The objective was to get Cineplex guests engaged with the storyline in order to broaden their movie experience and prompt ticket sales.


An existing web app game called "Street Showdown" was adapted into an interactive touch experience for the IMZ. The main IMZ screen was split in half and featured two individual runs of the game to accommodate multiple players at once and allow for maximum playtime. Guests were prompted to touch the main screen repeatedly, and with well-timed strikes, to engage Little Hanzo in a street showdown against oncoming paper foes. The 84" portrait screens ran a loop of motion creative and the film's theatrical movie trailer. The 55" header screen featured a static loop that showed Kubo and the Two Strings launch timing and key messaging.

In addition, the IMZs were wrapped with the movie's graphics. The stunning imagery of the wall wrap attracted guests to play the game.


The campaign ran on six IMZs across major markets for four weeks delivering the following results:

• 530K Opportunities to See (OTS)

• 32K impressions

• Total watchers were 55% Male, 45% Female

Global Goals Campaign

September 25 - October 29, 2016

Summary and Objectives

The Global Cinema Advertising Association, also known as SAWA, announced its first global cinema initiative to support "Project Everyone," a campaign to communicate the United Nations' revised Global Goals, on September 25, 2016. The objective of the "We Have A Plan" campaign was to build instant awareness of the ambitious Global Goals targets to end extreme poverty and tackle climate change for everyone by 2030.

Cineplex Media participated by not only airing the spot on-screen during our Show-Time segment, but going a step further to create an interactive experience for our IMZ which brought the campaign to life by engaging guests with the Global Goals and providing an opportunity to share their goals of choice on social media.


The 84" side screens included icons for 17 Global Goals. Guests were invited to touch the goal that meant the most to them and share the goal on social media. They were then asked to pose for a photo in front of one of the cameras. Their photo was included in a frame with the icon of the goal selected.

The guest could forward the photo to a device via SMS or email. The link they received included their name and a statement regarding their chosen goal, thanked them for contributing, and included a link to visit globalgoals.org. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, text or email links on the photo enabled guests to immediately share their Global Goals via social media or with their direct contracts.

When shared, the post included the message, '#GlobalGoals' #WeHaveAPlan,' and '#TellEveryone.' The guest's image along with their goal was also placed on the IMZ's main screen in a collage, which showed all the goals and images of people who stepped up to voice their support.


The campaign ran on 27 IMZs for five weeks delivering the following results:

• 2.5 million Opportunities to See (OTS), 1.5 x total attendance of 1.9 million

• 191K watchers spent an average 1.4 minutes in front of the Global Goals execution, 196K interactions

• 49% Male, 51% Female

• 7.4K Global Goals sent to guests for sharing

• The Global Goal "Life Below Water" was most shared followed by "No Poverty."

IMZ Awareness

Cineplex Media also conducted an online research study during the campaign period to measure additional attitudes and awareness of the Global Goals IMZ execution:

• 31% of respondants who spent time in the cinema lobby were aware of the IMZ Global Goals campaign

• Of those respondants, 19% claimed to have interacted with the execution and an additional 15% watched others play with the wall